Lactation Services

Prenatal Lactation Consultation: 

   Providing phone and in-home

lactation education consultations

prior to newborns arrival


The Lactation Consultant can

answer any questions or concerns you

may have about breastfeeding before your

little one arrives. We can provide you with 

education, tips and suggestions

to help you get breastfeeding

off to a great start. 

Phone Consultations

$2 per minute 


$110 - 1 hour In-home Prenatal Lactation Consultation

Hand on Bump

Phone Consultation: 

   A phone consultation with a

Lactation Consultant to discuss

breastfeeding concerns or questions

that can be addressed over the phone. 


                        *Exclusively pumping

                        *Introducing the bottle

                        *Milk collection and storage

                        *Nutrition and breastfeeding

                        *Returning back to work

                        *Treatment with engorgement

                        *Advice on increasing milk supply

                        *Weaning from the breast

                        *Using a breast pump

                        *Any other concerns or questions not                                          listed above that can be resolved 

                             through a phone consultation

$2 per minute



Follow-Up Visit:

This is a 1 hour follow-up visit after the first

initial visit to discuss any changes that need to be made since the last visit.  Typically a follow-up

visit is made 3-7 days after the initial visit.   

This visit includes a pre & post feeding assessment along

with a new breastfeeding plan.  

2 hour In-home Follow-up Visit


In-home Lactation Consultation: **

Up to a 2 hour private Consultation

in the comfort of your own home

                            *Cluster feeding


                               *First-time breastfeeding mother 

                               *Latch concerns after 24 hours of birth 

                               *Maternal risk factors: (examples)

                                   -Breast surgery

                                        -Diabetes (maternal or gestational)

                                        -History of breastfeeding concerns


                                        -Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

                                        -Pregnancy or birth concerns 

                             *Nipple tenderness, pain or trauma

                             *Nursing preemies or multiples

                             *Reoccurring plugged ducts or painful breast

                             *Supplementing while breastfeeding

                             *Transitioning from bottle back to breast

                             *Weight-loss concerns or slow weight gain

                             *Any other concerns not listed above that      

                              may require an in-home consultation


          $180 for up to a 2 hour in-home visit

        Includes one follow-up phone call within

           48-72 hours after appointment

          *add $25 for twins or multiples

   **In-home Lactation Consultation Visit may include:

      *Up to a 2 hour Consultation appointment.

      *Talk about your pregnancy, birth, and how breastfeeding is going.

      *Health history – Mother's and baby’s.

      *Describe breastfeeding concerns.

      *Observe 1 to 2 feedings during the 2 hour visit.

      *Weigh and examine baby, along with a visual and digital assessment of baby's mouth and sucking ability.

      *Observe mother's latch technique and breastfeeding positioning, offer helpful strategies and suggestions to make breastfeeding comfortable.

      *Work together to increase mothers confidence with breastfeeding.

      *Weigh baby before and after feeding(s) to assess baby’s ability to effectively remove milk from the breasts.

      *Determine a care plan that works best to solve a problem and feels manageable to both mother and father.

           -If necessary a specialist or another health care provider may need to be consulted to help with any issues that may be related to breastfeeding.   

      *If necessary, a consultation report may be sent to yours and baby's health care provider after (each) visit. 

      *After your visit, a Lactation Consultant will follow-up with you by phone within 72 hours after visit. 

      *If further in-home or lactation support is necessary, an additional charge will apply (see above for details.)

      *We encourage all mothers to keep in touch until they feel confident their problems are resolved and breastfeeding is going well.