Recommended Breastfeeding Supplies

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1.  Medela Pump in Style- This is one of the most popular pumps on the market today! 





The Medela pump is enclosed in a carrying tote which makes it easy to transport for working mothers or mothers on the go.  Customizable settings for your pumping comfort level.  This pump comes with 4 collection/storage bottles along with a cooler to store your milk.  Two 24mm flanges, connectors, and valves are also included along with an A/C adapter when no outlet is available. 


What I love about the Medela pump is the 2 different expression settings.  The first setting is called an expression mode (fast suction) which mimics a baby's breastfeeding pattern at the beginning of breastfeeding.  After 2 minutes the pump switches to a let-down (softer, slower) mode. 


Car adaptor is sold seperately. 

2. The second most popular pump is the Spectra S1 and S2 pumps.  Both of these pumps are very similar however the S1 has a portable battery where as the S2 does not.  Depending on your pumping needs will determine which pump to choose for you. 

3. For latch Concerns: Flat or inverted nipples, Lansinoh makes a unique tool called Latch Assist Nipple Everter.  It helps to evert flat/inverted nipple(s).  It looks like a bicycle horn.  To operate you squeeze the bulb, place the cone on the center of the nipple area, then release the bulb.  The suction will help evert the nipple.  Squeeze the bulb again to help release the suction.  DO NOT try and pull it off while it is sucking.  

4. Engorgement: Hot and Cold packs are great engorgement discomfort relief. An important tip is to apply heat before nursing and cold after.  Applying cold prior to nursing causes the milk ducts to constrict and makes it harder for your baby to get milk.  If you are not nursing, then cold packs are great relievers for engorgement discomfort.  If your doctor allows, ibuprofen is also helps with engorgement discomfort. 

5. Sore/Cracked Nipple Treatment: There are many creams on the market today.  Organic nipple creams are the best when applying to sore nipples (in my opinion). These creams are made with ingredients that are very easy to apply to areas that are sore or cracked.  Some creams are made with a petroleum based that makes it painful to apply to sore nipples.  Also petroleum based creams apply a barrier that makes it hard for the skin to heal and can trap bacteria causing infections.  Motherlove nipple cream is recommended by many Lactation Consultants including myself.  It is made with all organic ingredients and is easy to apply.  

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