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Lactation Specialists – Sharing Our Experience and Knowledge, Helping You on Your Breastfeeding Journey

As two nurses, lactation consultants and mothers who breastfed our children, we know the journey for successful breastfeeding! We have helped thousands of women in the hospital and home setting. We have helped mothers with all types of obstacles such as: nursing multiples, premature infants, adoptive mothers and those who struggle with sore nipples or low milk supply. We are here to help you along your journey!

Expert Advice and Product Solutions

Do you need breastfeeding help? We are Lactation Specialists, board certified lactation consultants who want to help mothers and babies with breastfeeding. Babies need to receive the best nutrition possible through their mothers milk. We offer advice, frequently asked questions and answers, and you are welcome to contact us directly with your questions.

Our Recommended Products

Shop our selection of breastfeeding products — our recommended product solutions that may make your breastfeeding more enjoyable and increase the length of your breastfeeding experience.